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Day 3 - A game that is underrated.

I can’t really comment much on this one. I’m not a PC gamer, so I don’t know much about any of the indie games available on PC (such as Slender, back in its early days), and I don’t have money to spend on Microsoft Points, so I’ve yet to sample the many delights of Xbox indie games.

But, despite not having had the chance to play it, I would have to say that Siren: Blood Curse is probably one of the most underrated games I know of. Blood Curse’s biggest strength, easily, is its soundtrack. It fits the theme and mood of the game perfectly, sets the scene, sets you on edge, the works.

Sight jacking, while a slightly confusing concept to begin with, becomes quite an interesting aspect once you get to grips with it, and ties in with the stealth added to Blood Curse. Stealth is something that I love in a survival horror purely because it means you can’t just send your character bumbling about all the time, expecting a few jump scares here and there. Required stealth adds tension, something that I expect in a horror survival. Anything that goes above and beyond the minimal level of tension is golden in my books.

The controls seem to be what put people off the most, especially those that are new to, or don’t have much experience with survival horrors, which is a real shame.

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